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Heritage of risk: An (eastern) Mediterranean perspective

22/01/2023 by Elie Saad It’s not a typo. We will be talking about the heritage of risk(s) and not the heritage at risk. We will save the limited characters that we have in the hope that everything will make more sense as the article progresses. For now, let’s start by defining what “risk” is in...

22 janvier 202322 janvier 2023
Miryam Haddad : Beyond the Artistic Confines

Miryam Haddad : Beyond the Artistic Confines

22/09/2022 by Syreen Forest After years of drawing statues from the collection of the National Museum in Damascus, the artist realised that this heritage could disappear. She then felt the need to represent this endangered heritage in order to « protect these sculptures, in one way or another, on the canvas ». Artistic awakening[1] Miryam Haddad is...

22 septembre 20223 octobre 2022