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The production of a podcast series « We Are Heritage »

The podcast series « We Are Heritage » will aim at creating a dialogue around heritage, culture, and creativity in the Arab region. Each episode will create the occasion for a discussion between scholars and artists, young people and experts, professionals and academics, around themes highlighting initiative, progress, and dialogue. The episodes will be available freely for everyone, from our online platform.

In order to procure content with the highest quality possible, and to broadcast it freely and widely, we need your support. The total amount (3 500€) will be used for a microphone (100€), a sound-managing system (100€), graphic creations around the podcast (500€), communication around the project (1 500€), the creation of a broadcasting platform (1 000€), and the purchase of a soundtrack (200€).

If you wish to participate to this project, with the amount of your choice, you may do so through the volunteer nonprofit portal HelloAsso:

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If you feel connected not with solely one project but with the whole of our action and engagement, you also have the possibility to become a patron of the Observatory. For that, you may either make a punctual donation, or give regularly, thus ensuring our long-term functioning in favor of Middle Eastern heritage.

If you wish to participate to our adventure, through the amount of your choice, you may do so through the nonprofit portal HelloAsso by following the link below. Thank you for your precious support!

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You would like to work in cooperation or in partnership with the Observatory? We regularly work with other organisations, sharing our principles and values, and engaged in favor of cultural heritage in the Middle East and North Africa (see our partnership with UNESCO for the project « Eternal heritage »). For all propositions of collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact the team in charge at!