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Too often, the Mediterranean and Middle East region is seen through the prism of the political crises which have shaken the region as a whole. Our objective is to take a different view by highlighting the unique and exceptional heritage of this region. In other words, we aim to rethink this region through its heritage. Fostering a greater knowledge of this part of the world though heritage is key to better understanding the plural and diversified identities on the ground.

This will encourage discourses of tolerance and dialogue against stereotypes and violent extremism. This will foster a better understanding of the influence of diverse cultures, religions and beliefs in the creation of this specific heritage.

This will focus the analysis of the region from a heritage point of view.

Without denying the complex political situation on the ground, we want to spread a message of hope by shedding light on beauty and peace conveyed through heritage. By spreading knowledge about the Mediterranean and Middle East’s rich heritage, we will raise the inherent difficulties linked to this topic while placing our focus on instilling hope. In doing so, we hope to promote and protect the heritage of all humanity. As the protection of heritage is a necessary corollary of the protection of peoples worldwide, promoting its protection equates to fighting for a better-shared future.

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