Shyrine Ziadeh (born in Jerusalem) is the founder of the Ramallah Choreographic Dance Center, a ballet school launched in Palestine in 2011. She is also co-founder of the recent initiative entitled: Wasla Dance Platform founded in Paris in July 2020. After obtaining a Master in Business Administration at Birziet University (2006-2010), Shyrine has attended several workshops in business and communication in numerous political organizations (Sweden 2016). She is also an active member of the International Dance Council (IDC) at UNESCO. In 2014, Shyrine collaborated with the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) as a project coordinator to document and analyze the challenges facing Palestinian society. More recently, Shyrine has completed a Master’s degree in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Legacy (2017-2019), pursuing a research work on : « The power of dabkeh as a powerful intangible heritage for Syrian refugees ».


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