Muntadher Aloda

Accueil / Muntadher Aloda

Muntadher is a young activist from Iraq. Since 2013, he works in the State Board of Antiquities And Heritage (SBAH) and at the Nasiriyah Museum which is part of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities in Irak. As an archaeologist, he majored in documenting various archaeological and heritage sites in the region of Thi Qar. In 2015-2016, he worked as an assistant supervisor for the French-British project in Tello, and acted as a representative of the SBAH in association with the Stony Brook and Pennsylvania University during excavated at the Iraqi site of Ur in 2017. His work involved collaboration with local communities in order to develop site management strategies and to exchange heritage-related skills and tools. In 2019, he completed his master degree in Russia and works today in cooperation with Irak and Russia in multidisciplinary project.

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